Don’t Buy A Commercial Oven If You Don’t Have This Information

Almost every restaurant needs a commercial oven. It is one of those pieces of kitchen equipment that a restaurant simply cannot go without.

commercial ovenAcquiring an oven is one of the most important tasks restaurant owners have when setting up their restaurants. The market is flooded with a wide variety of potential possibilities so you need to decide which type you will need and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Keep in mind that picking a wrong oven could cause everything else in the kitchen to crumble. The type of commercial oven that you pick comes down to the type of business you are running.

Different Types Of Commercial Ovens

The specialties and uses of commercial ovens varies from one oven to another.

1. Convection Oven

Regular ovens rely on a combination of air convection and radiation from the walls to heat the food. A convection oven uses fans to force movement of air enabling it to impart more heat than a regular oven. They operate at a lower temperature than the regular oven but cook much faster. Convection ovens are ideal for baked dishes such as lasagna and other casserole dishes.

2. Steam Oven

Some steam ovens have a removable water tank while others have it plumbed in. As the name suggests, this type of an oven uses steam to cook food. If your target market is customers who like to eat healthy food, then a steam oven would be a better choice for your restaurant.

Cooking with steam helps to retain the flavor and nutrients in food. Some pressurized steam ovens cook food at over 1000 degrees. The only downside to steam ovens is that they don’t crisp or brown food and pressurized models may overcook dessert and fish.

3. Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens have two or more decks stacked to give greater versatility and capacity. The height of the decks varies depending on special cooking needs. They cook at very high temperatures and you can cook almost anything with it other than pizzas.

4. Combination Oven

The combination oven uses steam and dry heat and is the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment. It can be used to cook fish and vegetables in a short amount of time.

5. Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens work like convection ovens only that they have a conveyor belt which moves food within the oven. Conveyor ovens are ideal for making pizzas and hot sandwiches.

When it comes to purchasing commercial ovens for your restaurant, you should ask around and get advice from people who already own the equipment in their restaurants. You can also read online reviews of the various brands available. Reviews are a great way of finding out if a product is right for you or not.

Don’t forget to check the specification sheets that list venting recommendations, electrical and/or gas requirements, capacities and dimensions.

Saving With Leased Commercial Ovens

For many restaurants, investing in the different types of commercial ovens is a must but they have to do it without spending more than they can afford. If you are on a tight budget, you can save on costs by leasing your oven.

The price on commercial ovens is very high and leasing offers a solution to acquire brand new equipment that is of high quality. Leasing has plenty of advantages as compared to making direct cash purchases. For instance, when you purchase the oven, you will bear the cost of repairs and maintenance. When you lease it, on the other hand, your lessor will shoulder the cost of repairs and maintenance. Many leasing agreements factor in repair and maintenance in their provisions.

Leasing is also a great way to try out different types of ovens before settling on one for the long haul. You do not need to provide any form of collateral, down payment or large cash out lays. Furthermore, you can lease with a damaged credit score.

A number of equipment leasing companies deal with commercial restaurant equipment but you need to take time to find a company that is legitimate and has competitive rates.

You can save time by visiting online platforms such as where you will be connected to hundreds of financing companies. You can get an instant quote free of charge and you can visit the site as often as you like until you find a plan that is suitable for you.

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