You Should Get Pilates Equipment Only When You Have This Information

Are you thinking of opening a Pilates studio and want to invest in Pilates equipment? Here’s what you should know.

Pilates attracts people from different walks of life, regardless of their age, because it promises lean muscle tone, flexibility and core strength. Many people like doing basic carpet exercises but there is a chance that they may not be doing the movements while in proper form. In fact, they may just get injured in the process. Pilates equipment is a great investment for your Pilates studio because it will help your clients perform proper movements and in the correct form.

There are different types of Pilates equipment in the market. Below are some of the common ones:

Pilates Equipment For Your Pilates Studio

1. Pilates Reformer

The Pilates reformer is a very popular piece of Pilates equipment and for good reason. It looks like a bed with a flat platform called a carriage. The carriage rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame.

The reformer is very versatile because you can do exercises upside down, with additional equipment, perched on the shoulder blocks or on the footbar, pushing the footbar, pulling the straps, standing, sitting or lying down.

You can do all sorts of exercises on the reformer to increase balance, flexibility, strength and length. You can teach your students how to use the Pilates reformer in a class or through private instruction.

2. Pilates Mat

Some of your clients may come with their own mats but it is also a good idea to invest in a number of Pilates mats to cater to clients who don’t have their own mats. Pilates mats are the most common type of equipment you will need for your studio and there are a number of things you have to consider before acquiring them.

The first thing that you should consider is the floor surface and workout space in your studio. Your mats should be at least half an inch thick so that they can cushion the body properly. If your studio is small and has a carpeted surface, consider buying narrower mats. There are two types of Pilates mats: folding and roll up mats.

3. Pilates Magic Circle

The Pilates magic circle is another popular Pilates piece of equipment because of its versatility and portability. The magic circle can either be made of rubber or metal and is about thirteen inches wide with small pads on either side. Before you get Pilates magic circles, you should know that there are a few different types in the market today. Their main differentiating factors are resistance, dimensions and weight. Consider getting different types of circles so that you can cater to both average and advanced users.

4. Pilates Fitness Ball

A Pilates fitness ball can make Pilates exercises fun. You should consider investing in a collection of fitness balls ranging from huge ones to little ones. Your clients won’t all be the same height so getting different sized balls would cater to most of them. For instance, if you want to cater to clients who are 6’- 6’7, you should get balls that are at least 75cm.

5. Pilates Roller

A Pilates roller is a cylinder that is about one meter long and made of foam. It can be integrated into many Pilates routines. They can be used as stretching props, massage tools or for increasing stability in work outs. Pilates rollers also come in different sizes so you should consider investing in a variety of them. Before your clients can start using the Pilates roller, you should provide them with several months of supervised classes because using it can be quite difficult and may result in injuries.

Don’t Worry About Money

Some of the mentioned Pilates equipment is very costly and could put a strain on your budget. To avoid tying up capital in equipment, you should consider leasing the equipment. Leasing provides a practical solution of acquiring equipment for both startup Pilates studios and established ones.

You can lease as many pieces of Pilates equipment as you want at a relatively cheap price. The leasing process is simple and you can get a free and instant quote from hundreds of financing companies when you visit online platforms such as LeaseQ.

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