Tips To Help You Grow Your Dental Practice

As a dentist, you may want to grow your dental practice but you have no idea how to go about it. Here are some tips that could be useful if well applied.

grow your dental practiceMany dentists do not run their practices as a business should be run. It could be partly because they were not taught how to do business of dentistry in dental school and it could also be that there aren’t many models or industries that dentists can compare themselves against.

Growing a dental practice is not easy regardless of how skilled and professional you are. You have to learn about business and marketing strategies in order for your business to grow. There are many dental practices out there so how can you make yours stand out? Below are some tips you can use to grow your dental practice.

How To Grow Your Dental Practice

Create An Online Presence

Everyone nowadays turns to the internet to search for almost everything. Creating a website for your dental practice is one way to boost your chances of being found on the internet by people who are looking for dentists within your local area.

Your website should include a page that details your experience, education and credentials. Your contact information should also be listed and don’t forget to explain the type of insurance coverage you work with, payment plans and your hours of service.

Make it easy for your clients to schedule appointments online. This will make it much more convenient for your patients to schedule appointments and reduce the amount of time they have to wait while they fill out their records.

Create A Dental Blog

Business blogs are a great way to increase your rankings in search engine results. In addition, it will help you grow your dental practice by creating a personal connection with potential clients. Your blog does not have to include technical dentistry terms or in-depth information nor do you have to post every day. However, it is necessary that you keep it updated with current information and useful tips such as “how to care for your teeth”, “How to choose the right toothbrush”, etc. If you do not have time to update your blog frequently, you can hire freelance website content writers or bloggers to help you out.


Sometimes relocating can help you grow your dental practice. If you are located in an area where you get less exposure, consider moving to an area where your practice will be prominently displayed. This will help you create enough presence to attract new customers. Focus on moving your dental practice to a growing community where the residents will be looking for a new dental practice.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

No matter how sophisticated your equipment is or how hygienic you are, one thing that your customers will carry home with them is the interaction you give them.

If your staff is rude and arrogant, your patients will likely not return but if they are greeted warmly at the reception and all their questions answered, they will feel much more comfortable. Don’t scold your patients for poor dental hygiene or use a condescending tone when they ask you questions.

Embrace Technology

Dental technology is dynamic. You have to keep up with the latest trends and practices. Believe it or not, patients will notice when your practice seems equipped with outdated equipment. the key to growing your dental practice is to earn your patients’ trust and one of the ways you can do this is by acquiring the latest technologically advanced dental equipment. Your patients will feel relaxed and comfortable when they visit your practice because they know that you have the latest equipment which is much more efficient.

Consider Leasing To Save On Costs

It may be expensive to acquire high technology equipment at once especially if your practice is a startup. Rather than make a purchase on every piece of dental equipment, consider leasing it.

Leasing allows you to upgrade equipment as often as possible without incurring extra costs. Moreover, you can acquire state-of-the-art dental equipment at a relatively cheap price. This way, you won’t tie up your capital in dental equipment and you can free up cash which can be used to grow your dental practice.

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