8 Proven Ways For Running A Coffee Shop Successfully

Running a coffee shop is just like running any other type of business. You have to manage it properly if you want it to be successful.

running a coffee shopThere is no well-kept secret to running a coffee shop successfully. If you ask many coffee shop entrepreneurs, they will tell you that the only secrets to a successfully operated coffee shop are extensive experience, hard work, luck, or a combination of the three. Success here means being able to see a return on investment and not necessarily providing the customer with what they desire. The following are eight proven ways that you can use to run your coffee shop successfully.

Tips For Running A Coffee Shop

1. Understand What You Are Selling

As a coffee shop owner, you need to fully understand the needs that you are really satisfying for your customers. Your customers will frequent your coffee shop not because they are hungry or thirsty but because it is an escape from their stressful office jobs, to interact with friends and family or to simply relax. Once you understand the needs you are catering you, you will be able to structure your offers better and make decisions that will keep your customers coming back.

2. Limit Your Assortment

It’s common for many newbies in the coffee shop business to try to offer as much variety as possible. This is because they think it will give them a competitive advantage over other coffee shops. Offering too much variety creates anguish for many customers.

If you are a startup, you can still offer variety but limit your categories. For instance, you can offer three different flavors in each category instead of ten, three different sizes instead of five or more, etc.

3. Hold Cupping Sessions For Barristers

Cupping sessions are coffee tasting sessions. These are very important because they train employees to understand and describe coffee flavors. These sessions are crucial to making good coffee. If they do not know what good coffee is supposed to taste like, how will they know when it’s wrong?

4. Ergonomics Is Vital

Your coffee workstation should be laid out in such a way that the barrister doesn’t move around a lot while performing their coffee duties. It should also be spacious enough so that it doesn’t seem like they are competing for space with other staff members.

The layout of your work station can contribute to a successfully run business. Your staff should be able to access the coffee grinder, cups, bar fridge, bean storage, underneath bins and the sink easily without bumping into each other. The cash register should be close to the barrister so that they can clearly hear customer orders.

5. Set-up Wi-Fi

Coffee shops are among businesses which offer Wi-Fi hotspots. Providing internet to paying customers is an ideal way for coffee shops to attract customers and encourage them to come with their laptops and smartphones to browse the internet as they sip their coffee.

6. Offer Entertainment

Hosting poetry readings or local bands is a great way to attract more customers. If you cannot afford to host local bands or poets, you can simply play music through the speakers. Music adds ambiance and makes the environment in your coffee shop much more inviting and enjoyable.

7. Know Your Numbers

Always keep track of your numbers because they will help you know if you are running your coffee shop successfully. For instance, are you doing better this month than last month? Which coffee flavors are selling the most? Which times of the day are quiet and why? Understanding your numbers will help you make the right financial decisions.

8. Lease Key Coffee Equipment

You have to acquire the best coffee equipment such as grinders and espresso machines if you want to produce the best coffee for your customers. It can be quite pricy making an outright purchase on this equipment especially if you are a startup. Leasing is a much a relatively cheaper way of acquiring state-of-the art equipment without compromising on the quality.


Running a coffee shop requires that you understand what you are selling, know your numbers, offer entertainment, set up Wi-Fi, hold cupping sessions, lay out your workstation properly and lease your equipment. These are just some useful tips that you can use to see a return on investment in your coffee shop.

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