A Few Reasons to Lease Machine Shop Equipment

Why should you lease machine shop equipment for your business? What benefits does it provide?

lease machine shop equipmentChances are, at some point in your day you’ve seen something that has been custom designed in a shop to perform a task, from a part on a car to a piece of a computer to a stove or a microwave. As common as wood is as a building material, there are many sturdier materials that are preferably used like metals and polymers, and that’s where machine shops come into play.

A machine shop like an automotive business or just a specific manufacturing business uses a variety of heavy duty equipment to form tougher materials into the necessary shape and form. They use a plethora of tools to turn that piece of plastic into your computer screen, or form a specific chunk of metal into the hood of your car, and the amount of work and precision placed into this is extraordinary.

However, machine shops are worth it in the sense of the ingenuity and worth of the parts they provide to the general public, so many professionals consider running their own machine shops to provide a certain product to the public. Machine shops have a high reward associated to them because of the custom parts they build, but they are also extremely high on startup fees because of the vast amount of equipment needed.

That’s why many business owners attempt to lease machine shop equipment to save themselves money and get their company started the right way.

Types of Machine Shops and their Equipment

The more commonly visited machine shops are simply automotive shops that work on building and repairing cars, but manufacturing companies are behind the scenes everywhere, designing a wide variety of parts that are sold to auto repair businesses, startup businesses, and other companies that need the parts for equipment they are using or selling.

Manufacturing companies are considered dedicated machine shops, while shops like automotive shops that perform tasks for customers directly are general machine shops. A common part of machine shops is creating molds for objects; these molds allow the user to heat up and reshape a tougher material into whatever form they want, and this is oftentimes used for products that are produced in a large quantity like bolts, screws, etc.

Machine shops have to be as well-stocked with good, long lasting hardware as possible, because all of this hardware allows them to custom-build a huge quantity of periods for the long period of time your business will hopefully endure. Tools like drills, CNC and milling machines, lathes, welding tools, grinders, polishing tools, and more are normally needed for machine shops to reshape and form the appropriate products they provide.

How does a Leasing Contract Work?

Leasing is a fairly simple process that can be done right and be done wrong.

Think of it like you’re buying a car: you want to take a look at your options, know the different things you want to get, and be able to not settle until you get exactly what you want. If you settle for a bad car, it will haunt you in many ways for years to come, and the same applies to a lease: a bad lease can be you holding onto equipment you don’t need and paying for a contract you don’t want.

Many business owners will end up overlooking the high buyout of the contract or the repair costs and don’t think ahead as far as the equipment they get, and that’s a fatal mistake. A lease comes with a set number of years for a contract, and you need to know the equipment you’re getting will last and will not be considered outdated in the set number of years in that contract.

In addition, leases have a flat, monthly rate, and with a little bit of math, you can and should figure out whether it will actually save you money in the long run. You might need to lease anyways just to get the equipment for a lower rate if you don’t plan on keeping it long, but either way, knowing the numbers is important.

Overall, don’t settle: stand your ground and keep searching until you find the exact lease you want; leasing can be a hidden goldmine business, but you do have to put the work in to make sure that it actually will be beneficial overall.

Why Should I Lease Machine Shop Equipment?

Starting a machine shop business, whether you’re into manufacturing or building custom parts for customers, is guaranteed to be pricey. The machinery you need is expensive and specialized, but the upside is that it lasts a long time and doesn’t get outdated over the years, making a lease the ideal choice.

If you choose to lease machine shop equipment, you can pay flat fees for equipment that is guaranteed to run better than anything you could afford, and you get to claim it as a tax deductible on your return, gaining you additional money.

You can get all of the equipment you need at a low starting price and be able to start your business, and once your business gains more speed and the lease is nearing to a close, you can choose to buy the equipment, return it, or continue the lease.

Leasing is all about options, and getting a flexible contract allows you to start up your machine shop without paying ridiculous amounts of money, giving you the breathing room you need to launch your company. If you want to learn more about how you can lease machine shop equipment, click here.