The Truth about Leases: is the Average Equipment Lease Interest Rate too High?

What are the facts about the average equipment lease interest rate?

average equipment lease interest rateThere’s no question that startup businesses need some kind of assistance in order to function properly. Nowadays, starting a business is simply far too expensive and daunting for one person to pull off alone.

Whether it’s buying a building or hiring employees or paying for licenses or purchasing equipment, your new company needs massive amounts of startup funds or at least some kind of edge to run properly, and many business owners are looking for the best solutions available to no avail.

Earnest business owners know that they can get their business launching; they’ve done their homework, have everything set up, and are ready to make a profit, but are oftentimes left scratching their heads looking for a way to actually lay down that first brick they need.

This is where business owners need assistance, and oftentimes they’ll find it in either leasing their equipment or getting financing for their equipment or just for their business in general. However, there are disadvantages and advantages to both, and traps that many a business owner fall prey to.

Knowing the facts about both is important, you need to be able to answer questions like what advantages does financing and buying equipment give me? How can I avoid getting a bad lease?  And what is the average equipment lease interest rate that I want to be around?

How does Buying and Financing Equipment Work?

Buying equipment has both advantages and disadvantages, but it entirely depends on how much money you have. That’s where financing oftentimes comes in, and that can be a risk business owners don’t want to take.

They don’t want to know they owe a massive amount of money they may not be able to pay off, and many of these business owners don’t want to chance that their company will not succeed and they will end up massively in debt for a long time. Still, buying equipment does have advantages compared to leasing, and there are some very reasonable financing deals.

If you’re a business owner not afraid of risks and confident that you’ll succeed, getting financing and buying the equipment may be the route for you. Ownership of the equipment does allow you to claim it as an asset and use it to build up money, and having complete control of the hardware does have its advantages.

There are downsides to buying the equipment, and these mainly depend on the type of equipment you buy. If you buy equipment that is surpassed quickly by better hardware, is in constant need of repair, or will be unusable within a few years, then you’ve spend a massive amount of money buying equipment that will not last you in the long run.

How does Leasing Work?

Leasing, like financing, is all about getting the best deal for your business. There’s nothing worse than getting trapped in a situation where you’re in debt because of bad financing, but getting stuck in a bad lease can be nearly as damaging if not more damaging to your company.

Like any other system, leasing has conditions and guidelines, and making sure they are suitable for you and the equipment you are leasing is important. Factors like the termination fee, the actual length of the contract, and the average equipment lease interest rate are extremely vital to consider before you actually get a lease on equipment.

Many business owners will get a lease on equipment that they probably should have bought at a low rate or gotten a short lease on that won’t last long or won’t need to be used long, and when they face the buyout fee and the interest rate their business ends up hitting rough waters. Getting a lease is like anything else in the financial world: don’t settle and fight for the deal you want.

What is the Average Equipment Lease Interest Rate?


Above all, do your math out and determine how much the equipment will cost to lease in the long run, whether the equipment will last long, and more. There are quite a few deals available with a reasonably average equipment lease interest rate and fair contract term, but you need to find them.

Overall, leasing can be a huge advantage to your business if done right: you can get the equipment you need at a flat monthly rate with a reasonable interest rate, get tax deductibles, and have well-running, upgraded equipment for the duration of the lease.

At the end of the lease, you can even buy the equipment or continue to lease the equipment if you want! Leasing your equipment can prove to be a vital, positive step for your company with the right setup and a solid lease. To learn more about leasing and the average equipment lease interest rate, click here.