What is the Cost of Leasing an MRI Machine, and is it worth it for your Business?

Does the cost of leasing an MRI machine allow you to cut expenses overall for your practice?

cost of leasing an mri machineWhether you’re running a major hospital or starting up your own private practice, equipment will be both a necessity and very costly. You’re guaranteed to deal with a large number of people on a consistent basis, and you will need to be prepared for everything and anything that comes across your way.

To do so, you need both quantity and quality for your business in terms of having all of the different equipment, having enough of each piece of hardware to handle the number of people you get, and having the best equipment possible to get the job done.

The medical field is a challenging, rigorous field to get into, and the hardware you use needs to be as good as possible for you to do your job as well as possible.

That’s why many physicians, surgeons, and medical professionals will look into the cost of leasing an MRI machine, X-ray machine, and other equipment that they might need to start or continue running their medical company.

Leases are supposedly one of the best solutions for your business financially, no matter what business you run, but many business owners still look into just buying the equipment, thinking it’s the better option.

How does Buying Medical Hardware Work?

Buying smaller equipment like stethoscopes and such is far better than leasing because it’s affordable; however, when it comes to bigger equipment like x-ray machines and such, buying gets a little trickier.

For instance, say you wanted to buy an MRI machine for your new practice; as nice as it is to know that you’ll own the equipment, and as convenient as it is to get to claim the equipment as an asset, there are downsides.

If you bought the equipment and within the next few years the equipment broke down or became less than the newest technology, then you just spent a great deal of money for essentially nothing.

That’s the big downside to buying: you essentially tie yourself to the hardware for better or for worse, and there’s no guarantee that that equipment will come through for you in the long run.

Even if the machine lasts a long time, with technological upgrades and constant advances, your MRI machine will be old news so fast, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much money on it, and you’ll need to get a newer one.

What’s the Cost of Leasing an MRI Machine?

The reason businesses choose leasing over purchasing for their more expensive hardware is because it negates all of the potential downsides of buying equipment- a lease only lasts a certain period of time, you don’t pay a huge sum of money up front, and you can get equipment upgrades out of the deal. However, business owners seem to reject leasing as an option for the same downside that they deal with when purchasing: bargaining.

If you were going to buy anything, you wouldn’t just pick the first thing you saw; you’d shop around, find the best deal for the best equipment, and then you’d buy it. It’s just bad business sense to go for the first deal that comes along, but so many business owners do the same for leases and then get frustrated with the bad lease they get stuck with.

Leases are deals that are offered to you, and there are good leases and bad leases for your company. A lease that works for your business might not work that well for another business, so knowing what your business needs from the equipment is vital as well as how long you’ll need it.

In addition, you need to know how much MRI machines normally cost, because while the cost of leasing an MRI machine is a flat, monthly rate, some will charge far more over the course of the lease. Again, there are MRI machine leases that are reasonable to pay and can be an asset to your business, but you need to know what you want and need to know how to find them.

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