A Few Facts you must know about Starting your own Aerobics Studio


starting your own aerobics studioWhen it comes to starting your own aerobics studio, what are the financial factors? 


Fitness is more than just weightlifting, or running, or even plyo-metrics and sports training. It’s about strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall control over your body in every aspect possible, and that’s why aerobics is such a popular fitness field to get into.

With aerobics, you combine the exercises of increasing your strength, upping your cardio-vascular skill, stretching your muscles, and overall flexibility in one class or session, normally with a rhythmic setup. Aerobics are set up to make the entire process fun and use the flow of the exercise to get people into the entire process without over-thinking the exercises they are doing.

Many an aerobics studio have been started successfully through good classes, excellent, well-rounded instructors, and an overall comfortable sense of community. As important as these are to have when starting your own aerobics studio, there’s just as much involved in the financial and advertising sides of things.

In other words, as much as you know about fitness and aerobics, you need to know how to start a company, and the best options in starting up your company.


What are Aerobics, and how can I Provide Variety in Classes?


One of the reasons aerobic exercises work so well is that they are designed to get your heart rate in the ideal zone while training you how to control your oxygen intake/outtake. This, in turn, is extremely important for any exercising you do, whether you play sports, lift weights, or run.

Types of aerobic exercises outside of studio classes include swimming, walking, or cycling long distances, which, again, require a sense of breathing control. Different types of aerobics that can be incorporated in an aerobics studio include freestyle aerobics, step aerobics, and sport aerobics or aerobic gymnastics.

Freestyle aerobics are straightforward in the sense that the entire process is choreographed a few steps at a time to aerobics music, and then by the end, the entire routine is choreographed and can be done. Freestyle aerobics sometimes uses barbell, small weights, or a step.

The other more common type of aerobics is step aerobics, which is entirely based on using an elevated step in the rhythmic routine to burn calories and work on different muscles, especially leg muscles. Sports aerobics are competitive sports that use aerobic exercises, normally pre-choreographed routines that follow an aerobic rhythm.

If you’re starting your own aerobics studio, looking into all of these and using them accordingly is extremely vital; people come to your aerobics studio for variation.


The Financial Aspect of Starting your own Aerobics Studio


As good as it is to have a game plan for your aerobics studio, it’s just important to plan ahead on finances. You’re not going to get very far without the monetary backings, no matter how good of a plan you have for your studio.

Before starting your own aerobics studio, you should plan how you want to advertise your business as well as determine ways to cut expenses. Location is the best way to get attention; if your building is someplace that people will drive by often (i.e. by a grocery store, hardware store, or just on a common road that leads to a lot of homes), then you’ll spark a good deal of curiosity and more people will want to visit and see if your aerobics studio is the place for them.

Advertising is very important; getting the word out about your studio is how you get more and more members and become more successful, increasing your profit.

On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you have to spend more on expenses, so cutting expenses is just as important. It’s tough to cut expenses in the aspects of your building, utilities and fees, and employees, unfortunately. However, cutting expenses can be done with leases.


Should I Lease Aerobics Equipment?


Fact of the matter is, you’ll need a good deal of equipment to run your studio, and that’s just another big startup expense. That’s why leasing is one of the more effective methods to use in starting your own aerobics studio; with leases, you can pay low, monthly fees to get all of the equipment you’ll ever need rented to you for a period of time.

Leases are a hidden gold mine in the sense that all leases work differently; they all have different contract periods, fees, etc., and if you find the most ideal one for your business, you can pay less to get more for your company.

Plus, with leases, you can get upgrades on equipment and tax deductibles to help put more money in your pocket, and with leases, you can focus and putting financing in the advertising parts of your company, working on making you money.

To learn more about how leasing is a big advantage in starting your own aerobics studio, click here.