LeaseQ Brand Ambassador Spotlight, Angie Fell of Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment

Our latest brand ambassador is Angie Fell, Warehouse Manager and Customer Care Representative at Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment.

Angie Fell

Angie started her career in customer service, working for American Girl. When the warehouse she worked in shut down, she saw an ad for a customer service position at Iron Mountain. She’s been a part of their team for three years.

Learning the ins and outs of the foodservice industry has been a treat, and Angie feels lucky to be a part of such an excellent team that is always willing to share their knowledge with her. Her boss Trevor is, she says, “Amazing.” While Angie has had jobs where she feels like she’s just another number punching in and out, she truly feels Iron Mountain is a tight-knit family.

Her role includes “a little bit of everything,” and Angie loves that. Each day looks a little different, and there are always learning experiences that pop up along the way that allow her to deepen her understanding of her customers.

Angie feels Iron Mountain truly puts their customers first, and she is dedicated to ensuring each customer has a positive experience with the company. As with any business, there are customers that have issues from time to time, and Angie loves that she’s in a position where she can talk to those customers and deliver positive results to turn their experience around, so they leave feeling satisfied and well taken care of.

When it comes to customer service, Angie offers this advice:

  1. Pay attention. “Always listen to your customers’ needs and make sure they feel heard. Don’t rush them through the conversation, and treat them as if they’re the only customer in the world during your interaction with them.”
  2. Be personable. “Treat your customers like people and be yourself! Get into their world and work to truly understand their point of view and needs.”
  3. Always follow through. “Your work isn’t done when your conversation ends! Follow up with your customer to make sure what you said would happen happened, and check in to ensure they’re happy with the results.”

Thank you for being a fantastic partner, Angie!

Kim Lorang: How does partnering with LeaseQ to offer equipment lease financing benefit you and your customers?
Angie Fell: Sometimes, customers can’t afford the items they need or aren’t sure if it’s a good idea to put a large amount of cash out because they’re afraid something will come up that they won’t have cash for. Financing allows them to pay over time and not feel strapped for cash.

We had a customer opening a fish store; they bought a few small units but knew they needed more. They ended up financing their order so they could get everything needed to open, so that they did not have to pick and choose what to buy now and what to buy later.

KL: What career advice would you give someone starting in the foodservice equipment industry?
AF: Be open-minded and treat the job and the customers how you would want to be treated. Have confidence in yourself to know you can help your customer and make the experience the best they had.

KL: What is one fun fact most people likely don’t know about you?
AF: I love swimming. Being in or on the water is something I enjoy.

KL: Why did you choose Texas Roadhouse as your restaurant to receive a gift card to?
AF: It was local, and my family loves their buns and butter.