LeaseQ Brand Ambassador Spotlight, Keaton Kardokus of Margarita Man

LeaseQ* is grateful to partner with outstanding foodservice dealers to offer equipment lease financing to their customers. We honor sales reps that have demonstrated a strong commitment to our partnership by distinguishing them as brand ambassadors.
Our latest brand ambassador is Keaton Kardokus, Office Manager at Margarita Man.

Eric Reinauer, Regional Account Manager at LeaseQ, nominated Keaton for being such a pleasure to work with. “Keaton has been great to work with since our first deal together. He is a true partner who is always pushing the benefits of our programs to his customers, and because of that, we have been able to help make the Margarita Man program very successful in the short amount of time we’ve worked together. From the time we get the customer on board to when they are funded for their equipment, it’s teamwork the whole way. Looking forward to many more opportunities together!”

Since joining the Margarita Man team, Keaton has begun working his way up in the ranks. He started working in their warehouse, but has been the Office Manager for 14 months. During that time, he’s learned a lot about the foodservice industry—and about margaritas!

“We make our own margarita mix in-house,” explains Keaton. “It has really helped us during COVID and with the supply chain issues, since we have control over our product and can ensure fast turnaround times.”
Figuring out order logistics is what Keaton enjoys the most about his role. He loves coordinating different aspects of orders to ensure they meet their customer’s needs. His goal is always to make their process easy, and he feels grateful to be able to help restaurant owners get the items they require to help their operations run smoothly.

The team at Margarita Man has made Keaton’s first role in the foodservice industry a great experience. “Our owners are flexible and invest in the team to make sure they have what they need to do well. They offer training to everyone and there is a lot of upward mobility here.” The owner’s positive leadership trickles down to everyone else on the team, making it a fantastic work environment, where Keaton says you never have a bad day, even on your most challenging days.
Hoping to continue growing with the company, Keaton is looking forward to starting his graduate studies toward an MBA in Data Analytics. He hopes to be able to use his skills at Margarita Man so that he can continue with the fantastic team he’s found there.

Jeremy Freeman, owner at Margarita Man, is grateful to have found Keaton. “When we sought out an office manager, we needed them to be able to be thorough, honest, and want to continue to learn. Keaton has been the perfect model for that goal. He enjoys talking to customers and fulfilling their needs. We cannot ask for someone better to entrust with being the face of our company.”

Keaton happily shared some advice for anyone looking to break into the foodservice industry: “It’s all about being personable. People enjoy working with good people. Make connections, and work on building relationships. If you serve people well, they will serve you well in return!”

According to Keaton, if you serve people Margarita Man’s strawberry margaritas, it will go a long way in building your relationship. Out of all their flavors, that is his favorite.

Kim Lorang: What three traits do you think are most important in a Sales Rep when it comes to customer service?

Keaton Kardokus: Knowledge, patience, and the ability to multitask.

KL: What is one fun fact most people likely don’t know about you?
KK: That I was an extra in John Wick 3.
KL: Why did you choose Texas De Brazil as your restaurant to receive a gift card to?
KK: I chose Texas De Brazil because my wife and I both love steak, and she deserves a nice date night for putting up with me!
KL: How do you think equipment lease financing plays a role in helping your customers get the items they need? How does it help you as a sales rep?
KK: Equipment lease financing plays a huge role in our customers being able to budget for machinery and spread out what they can spend. As a Sales Rep, it gives me another avenue to help them accomplish their goals. The restaurant industry is very tough to break through initially, so anything I can do to help my customers be more successful, I will always do.

Thank you, Keaton, for being such a wonderful partner!

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